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Only one dog cookie in the world that you can make with your favorite photos.

Peace of mind with additive-free cookies supervised by a dog registered dietitian. (The printed part uses edible coloring)

■ Ingredients: rice flour, cotton tofu, chicken powder, olive oil, coloring agents (red 102, red 106, blue 1, yellow 4)

■ Guaranteed ingredient values: crude protein 14.0% or more, crude fat 7.1% or more, crude fiber 0.1% or less, crude ash content 1.0% or less

Moisture 9.0% or less, metabolic energy 354kcal / 100

Estimated amount to give per day

Dog weight (Kg) 3 6 10 15 20

Amount to give (pieces) 6 9 13 18 23

Please refer to the above and give it as a snack for dogs in 2 to 3 times a day.

Note: Do not give to puppies under 7 months.

Please give after opening before the freshness drops.


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  • ドッグクッキー直径約2.5cm(1袋約30枚入り)

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